Best alternative of gym workouts is parks ,playground’s fresh air

As all of you know that burning calories in gym is not a very easy task for us in this busy day to day life.But now a research says that parks playground offers fresh air which is a best alternative of gym workouts.From park bench pushups and monkey bar lifts to open air running, fitness experts says that

workout possibilities of playgrounds and parks are more valuable then most die hard gym users.
During the warm summer day fresh air workouts offer a new way to boost the mood and the and even burn extra calories,which is best for gym workouts Chris Freytag, a personal trainer and health coach with the American Council on Exercise, say that “I’m a big believer in change of venue, of getting away from the same treadmill, the same spot. and there’s something about fresh air and moving in space,”. He also leads many boot camps and circuit classes in parks in summer days
Research suggest the outdoor boost can be mental as well as physical. In a 2014 study on indoor versus outdoor activity published in the journal Applied Psychology.They found that nature provides an added value to the known benefits of physical activity and repeated exercise in nature is connected to better emotional well-being.
NewYork City-based personal trainer JR Allen, said the first benefit of the outdoor workout is balance.

“You have to be aware of your surroundings because you could step in a pothole,” Allen said. “It is a less safe, more uncontrolled environment that is more of a strain on your body.”

Allen suggests the newcomer to outdoor exercise should start with a simple walk around the park. The seasoned exerciser should go to the park for sprints, power push ups, in which hands leave the ground, and walking planks, moving side to side and back to back on hands and feet.In this way our body fill the level of energy given by nature which is more valuable then the gym workouts.
The people who go for workout in park always check path is slippery or not.One of the reasons we go to the gym is that it’s safe and dry for gym workouts.