Effects of social networking sites / Facebook can have negative psychological consequences

Effects of social networking sites

Now a days Facebook is a big source of communication, networking and planning events. It is a social media platform that was designed to connect people to people without giving any physical presence. However, Now a days Facebook’s utility and popularity is become very regular to almost a very big part of our society and that is a very big reason thats why people faces more psychologically damage aspects which is very much bad for their health. Now facebook has become a addiction among their user. According to a  research  among a billion of facebook  member out of that  half of them are badly addicted to facebook. And due to this Facebook addiction they also face lots of problem like  social isolation and depression. In this way we can say that Facebook can have negative psychological consequences.

According to a study made by University of Michigan ,Checking Facebook made people feel worse about both issues, and the more they browsed, the worse they felt, this is very much write because more they browsed facebook more he is feeling some matter of concern and that how facebook affects directly to the psychology of that person.After that  a social isolation make him a coward person who can not give his 100% on facing any real problem in his day to day life.In this way this is the main reason of depression for a social isolated people.Effects of social networking sites


According to survey when we take opinion of 100 facebook users out of  hundred almost all the participants said they used Facebook to stay in touch with friends, but only 25  said they used the social networking site to meet new people.Now let talk another aspect of this survey

More than 70 out of 100 facebook user said they shared good things with their communities on the site, while on other side  31 facebook user said they would share bad things on Facebook as well. This is how bad thing travel from one user to another which is the reason by which facebook  negative psychological consequences.

Facebook Effect on health

A research said that facebook can have bad effect on our health also lets see how facebook makes our body less resistance to any decease.


According to a research, they did  find that  people spent more time on Facebook when they were feeling lonely – and not simply because they were alone at that precise moment.And that is the main reason of loneliness and this is how it attract many serious health problems in near future.

 Addiction of smartphone:

The people who are addicted to facebook they always use these type of social networking sites in their smartphones and in this way they are also addicted to smartphone also and in a day when we use smart phone  more then two hours a day it will affect badly to our nervous system also.


The people who are addicted to facebook they always suffers from the problem of social isolation they meet connect people online not physically this is the main reason of loneliness and after some time of  feeling loneliness  now he suffered from the problem of depression. And we all know that depression is a backbone of all deceases .