Reform youth mental health services;Not fit for purpose

According to Norman Lamb (Minister of State for Care and Support in UK) Mental health services for young people in England are “stuck in the dark ages” and “not fit for purpose’.This is how he want to reform youth mental health service.Young people suffering with serious conditions including depression, schizophrenia,drug and alcohol problems which has a very bad impact over country’s economy.If this happens in near future this will be a bold step taken ever by a care minister .

Lamb announced that a new task force, made up of experts on children’s mental health services and including former service users, has been formed. This task force will make recommendations for an unprecedented shake-up of services .This step comes after charities and local councils warned of a “national crisis” in young people’s mental health.
By the effect of this reform the Government’s decision not to continue historic increases in NHS funding.Figures obtained last week by the Health Service Journal shows that £253m had been cut from budgets since 2011/12. More than 3,600 nursing posts and the equivalent of 213 full-time doctors had been also been cut in this way by saving money in this manner there will be no increase in funding of NHS which is very good news for the UK economy. Mental health patients in crisis, including children, to be moved to hospitals far from home, in some cases hundreds of miles, because of the lack of available beds.
According to healthcare Minister Children and young people’s mental health services, known as CAMHS, formly name was “the Cinderella service of a Cinderella service’.With the help of this reform Lamb want wants to give mental health services a new attention.From last several decades there is an institutional bias against mental health because the media doesn’t concentrate on it.There needs to be the same focus on mental health as there is on cancer services, stroke services, knee replacements and so on.