Top 10 Healthiest Countries in The World

Healthtwit team did a research and found the top 10 Healthiest Countries in the World.The main aim of this article is to showing a example before world that growth and development of any country depends on the factor at which how much that country is healthy then other one. That’s why Healthtwit team collect so much information that makes a country healthy.Health factor of any country can be measured through Life expectancy numbers. Life expectancy at birth compares the average number of years to be lived by a  group of people born in the same year, if mortality at each age remains constant in the future. Life expectancy at birth is also a measure of overall quality of life in a country.This all information depends on the data provides in the year 2014.The top 10 healthiest countries in the world given below.

Top 10 Healthiest Countries in The World

No.1 Monaco


Life Expectancy:89.57(2014 est.)
Reasone:Government-funded healthcare system available to all citizens.Climate is the only factor in Monaco is another excellent reason for Health.

No.2 Macau

Life Expectancy:84.48(2014 est.)
Reasone: Macau provides its residents with quality healthcare services. Food and well eating habits in Macau that make that nation fit and healthy among all other nations.

No.3 Japan

Life Expectancy:84.46(2014 est.)
Reasone:They eat less fat or diary product and they consume more red meat,fish.Green tea also makes them healthy.People of Japan is also known for their hard work also that makes their body fit and fine

No.4 Singapore

Life Expectancy:84.38(2014 est.)
Reasone:Singapore is very clean and very wealthy nation.People of Singapore are very health conscious
A governmental organisation promoting health information and campaigns throughout of people in Singapore are very rich.

No.5 SanMarino

Life Expectancy:83.18(2014 est.)
Reasone: People of San Marino loves to eat Olive Oil (Omega 3s) and fish, thats makes their heart fit and healthy for long term.Only a healthy nation can take part in the development of whole world.

No.6 HongKong

Life Expectancy:82.78(2014 est.)
Reasone: Hong Kong is justifiably famous for its restaurants and its cuisine, but it’s the variety of food that is mind-boggling. Every food lover needs to go To HongKong immediately by the end of this post.This the food that makes them healthy.

No.7 Andorra

Life Expectancy:82.65(2014 est.)
Reasone:It food that make any nation healthy,Andorra’s food is typically Catalan, and has strong French and Italian flavors. Meat, in the form of lamb, game, pork, fish and poultry, is an important part of the local diet, and is usually served with pastas, sauces, potatoes and some vegetables.

No.8 Switzerland

Life Expectancy:82.39(2014 est.)
Reasone:People of Switzerland always known for their hardwork.They always loves to ride horse and climb mountains that makes him so healthy.

No.9 Guernsey

Life Expectancy:82.39(2014 est.)
Reasone: Guernsey in the Channel islands is a delight for those who love fresh, locally produced food with a flavor of both France and England.They love to drink red wine which is useful for our heart.

No.10 Australia

Life Expectancy:82.07(2014 est.)
Reasone: In Australia people love to eat natural food. And all most 50% of thier people are involving in any type of sports like swimming ,racing etc