Top 10 Healthy Soups Recipe In The World

Healthy Soups Recipe

Nothing says comfort like a warm bowl of soup in the winter season  and as far as health is concern soup is very much important drink which make our body immune system more stronger,and their are some  soups which are also playing more important role in weight loss routine. Now we are showing top10 healthy soups recipes in the world that will surely benefit to you to live a healthy life.

Top 10 Healthy Soups Recipe:

1.Loaded Potato Soup

We compiled a collection of our readers’ best-loved soup recipes . Based on research from, we pulled the top10 healthy soup recipes that received the most votes and highest star ratings. Loaded Potato Soup, This delicious and comforting soup tastes like it took hours to make its very long dish to cook but very much value for money in taste, yet is ready to eat in just 20 minutes. Provide a toppings bar of crumbled bacon, cheese, and thinly sliced green onions so family members can  choose their favorites.

2.French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup is one of the tastiest soup.Once you try this classic French Onion Soup recipe, you’ll never try another. It culminates in a rich-tasting soup with melt-in-your-mouth onions.Slowly cooking the onions brings out their sweet flavor in this healthy French onion soup. The soup itself can be prepared up to two days ahead. When ready to serve, add bread cubes, top with cheese, and broil until the cheese is golden. This soup is also more famous among vegetarian people

3.Home made tomato soup

Tomato soup is one of the favorite soup among children .Loaded with the antioxidant lycopene, this tomato soup is pumped up with flavor from onion and garlic. Serve each bowl with a slice of cheese toast.Four easy step choap,roast, simmer and blend gives the silky smell of tomato.In the world home made tomato soup is more famous then other form of soup.

4.Mushroom and Barley soup

5.Red pepper bisque

6.Turkey Rice soup

8. Saffron Fish Stew with White Beans soup

A unique blend of herbs and spices find their home in this one-dish-wondermakes this Saffron Fish Stew with White Beans soup more delicious  . The broth—infused with saffron, thyme leaves, and orange rind—pairs magnificently with a white fish of your choosing. We suggest sustainable options like wild-caught Pacific flounder or wild-caught Alaskan halibut.

9. Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Processed cheese melts beautifully, giving this 30-minute broccoli and cheese soup a smooth texture and mild flavor. Broccoli and Cheese Soup is a kid-friendly way to eat more veggies. This type of vegetable soup is going to rock  among vegetarian people.combination  of broccoli and cheese  gives a unique taste.

10.Tomato-Basil Soup

Fresh tomato and basil are the stars of this classic summertime tomato soup recipe. It is more healthy than other mode  of liquid soup.Low-fat milk and light cream cheese keep it healthy. Serve with a slice of French bread make it more delicious and healthy.