Free Medical Top Insurance Companies In USA

As far as free medical insurance companies are concern ,according to data shown by the United States of America Census Bureau,more then 55% of people of US obtain insurance through an employer, while about 10% of them purchase it directly. About 31% of Americans were enrolled in a public health insurance program which is nearly free as compare to private medical insurance provider: 14.5% ( 48 million) had Medicare and 15.9% (49 million) had Medicaid, and 4.2% (13 million) had military health insurance.

There are two public health insurance program provided by United States of American named Medicare and Medicaid.


Medicaid was instituted for the very poor in 1965. A person want Medicaid must pass a test for qualifying for this program , Medicaid is a social welfare or social protection program rather than a social insurance program. The percentage of US residents who lack any form of health insurance has increased since 1994. It has been reported that the number of physicians accepting Medicaid has decreased in recent years due to lower reimbursement rates.According to data shown by the United States of America Census Bureau about 48 millions of us citizen covered under Medicaid.

The Affordable Care Act dramatically expanded Medicaid. The program will now cover everyone with incomes under 133% of the federal poverty level who does not qualify for Medicare, provided this expansion of coverage has been accepted by the state where the person resides.The federal government will fully fund the expansion of Medicaid initially, with some of the financial responsibility gradually devolving back to the states by 2020.Medicaid benefits must be the same as the free medical insurance benefit in the newly created state exchanges.If you have a medicaid, people that work pay for it, some people have to have Medicaid even if they are working, they can not afford insurance through medical insurance companies and they qualified for the medical card.But for some people that NEVER work,yes is free,it is among the top free medical insurance companies in USA.

In 2011, there were 7.6 million hospital stays billed to Medicaid, representing 15.6% (approximately $60.2 billion) of total aggregate inpatient hospital costs in the United States.


In the United States, Medicare is a federal social insurance program that provides health insurance to people over the age of 65.This program is only for those individuals who become totally and permanently disabled, end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. Recent research has found that the health trends of previously uninsured adults, especially those with chronic health problems, improves once they enter the Medicare program. Basically Medicare requires considerable cost-sharing, but ninety percent of Medicare enrollees have some kind of supplemental insurance – either employer-sponsored or retiree coverage, Medicaid, or a private Medigap plant.Which will covers some or all of their cost-sharing. With supplemental insurance. This as also among the free medical insurance companies.According to data shown by the United States of America Census Bureau about 49 millions of us citizen covered under Medicare.

As the population covered by Medicare grows, its costs are projected to rise from slightly over 3 percent of GDP to over 6 percent,free medical insurance contributing substantially to the federal budget deficit. In 2011, Medicare was the primary payer for an estimated 15.3 million inpatient stays, representing 47.2 percent ($182.7 billion) of total aggregate inpatient hospital costs in the United States. The Affordable Care Act took some steps to reduce Medicare spending, and various other proposals are circulating to reduce it further.This all about the free medical insurance companies . it is called free medical insurance companies just because these are provided by their government.